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Trade Promotion Permit Requirements in Australia


The KHQ Approved snapshot provides a quick summary of the legal requirements that you’ll need to abide by in order to run your competition or promotion.

Top Tips to Ensure Your Promotion is Legal


In this snapshot our experienced lawyers detail their top tips for ensuring your promotion is legal.

A Marketers Guide to Running a Promotion


You want to run a trade promotion. Is it skill? Is it chance? What do you need to consider? Download our snazzy one-page guide, designed to get you thinking.

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Privacy resources

Demystifying Privacy


Your free KHQ Approved snapshot on privacy and spam laws in Australia is an easily digestible guide to privacy law

Privacy and Spam


Download Your Free Snapshot: Complying with Privacy and Spam Laws

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Contract resources

Breach of contract - what you should know


A “breach” of a contract occurs when one or both parties fail to perform an obligation that was agreed to in the contract.

Why it's important to have your commercial contract reviewed


Understand why it’s important that you should speak with a commercial contract lawyer, to help you understand the practical meaning of legalistic or complex clauses, and to review commercial contract drafting.

Free Non-Disclosure Agreement


Non-disclosure agreements (also known as Confidentiality Agreements) can be used in a variety of business relationships.

Get a fast and accurate commercial contract review from qualified lawyers.

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